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We can provide a range of robust and practical solutions including fences, barriers, gates, turnstiles and road blockers, to secure your premises and protect your assets. We can also supply all related access control systems including card readers, keypads, remote controls, token readers and vehicle transponders etc.

  • Fences
  • Barriers
  • Gates
  • Turnstiles
  • Road Blockers / Bollards


Wherever perimeter protection is the priority, Provsec has a system to match your needs. We offer an extensive range of fence specifications to suit every requirement and every budget. All types of chain link, welded mesh and steel palisade fencing can be supplied, tailored to specific security requirements. Power fencing can be connected to automatic CCTV systems to allow precise location and identification of attempted break-in. All fences are supported by our extensive range of custom-made manual or motorised sliding or swing gates.


Our wide range of vehicle barriers for all industrial and commercial applications includes hydraulic and electro-mechanical automatic models (rigid arm, articulated arm, bottom skirted and top and bottom skirted) incorporating the very latest in technology from world-leading manufacturers.


Our portfolio of high quality sliding, pedestrian and hinged gates systems can be designed to suit virtually any commercial or industrial application. Motorisation of these gates and existing gates is available using our own fully enclosed heavy-duty motor system.


We offer a selected range of full and half height turnstiles, providing the solution to most personnel control issues – either stand-alone or as part of an integrated access control solution. Turnstiles are available in 90 degree and 120 degree units and single and double types – all or which are well-proven products with excellent rust preventative coatings.

Road Blockers / Bollards

If ultimate security is paramount Provsec can offer one of our wide range of ram resistant rising kerb road blockers to provide effective protection.

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