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When you put your trust in Provsec Limited’s personnel, you can rest assured that your security needs and fears are in the safe hands of professional, well trained and dedicated individuals.

All of our Security Officers meet the following crucial credentials:

  • Licensed by the SIA in their applicable sectors
  • Meet the BS 7944 and BS 7858 codes of practice
  • Trained to the highest levels in providing security services

Provsec are committed to employing the very best workforce to ensure our clients always receive a service that is second to none; provided by our carefully selected and highly motivated Security Officers.

Whilst on duty, a Provsec Security Officer will always:

  • Wear a site specific uniform, dependant on the request of the client
  • Act in a polite and courteous manner with all clients, visitors and member of the public
  • Conduct regular patrols at intervals agreed with the client using AG3 Device*
  • Follow a set of site specific Assignment Instructions, constructed by Provsec in conjunction with the clients request, which covers every aspect of the Officers duties

In addition to the above, our Security Officers will be monitored and visited on site on a regular basis by our management team and can always rely on a fast acting on-call manager for back up if needed.

Please contact us for more information on our Manned Guarding Services

* The Active Guard 3 Device (AG3) is a state of the art swipe system that assists us in monitoring our Security Officers’ patrols and whereabouts at all times.

Using a phone-like device, the officer will swipe multiple “points” set up around a site at intervals agreed with the client. These swipes are then logged and monitored by our 24 hour Control Room.

If an Officer fails to swipe, the device has the ability to hold a 2-way conversation allowing the Control Room to contact the Officer directly and immediately.

Additionally, the device is equipped with a panic button and when pressed sends a panic signal to the Control Room notifying them that our Officer requires urgent assistance. In turn this allows us to defuse a potentially dangerous situation before it occurs.

For more information on the AG3 Device, please click here to download our brochure.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are a cost-effective solution when full time security is not practical, and works as a visible deterrent against potential threats to your premises.

Each Mobile Patrol contract is designed around the client’s requirement, ranging from external patrols at random times to complete internal patrols. Our aim as always is to create the most effective visible deterrent against would be trouble makers or opportunists, ensuring our client have complete peace of mind that all is secure.

Canine Patrols

In certain instances or on particularly vulnerable sites, it may be necessary to deploy Patrols Dogs.

Patrol dogs act as an extremely effective visible deterrent, as the prospect of coming face to face with a highly trained, fast and powerful animal is not worth the risk for the vast majority of would be thieves and trouble makers.

Using its’ formidable sight, hearing and sense of smell; the patrol dog is trained to seek out intruders on site, as well as protect its handler against any threats.

When faced with an intruder the patrol dog alerts its handler immediately and shows controlled aggression towards the intruder, only acting on command if a threat is made against the dog or the handler.

If your alarm is activated, often late at night or in the early hours of the morning, we will respond swiftly as key holder to make sure your business is secure.

We have a quick response time and we will be the first point of contact for the police and other emergency services, avoiding inconvenience, danger and delay for your staff attending late night callouts.

This cost effective and hassle-free service allows for your complete peace of mind.

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